Maldives is a beautiful country which is spread in a north south direction in the middle of the Indian Ocean.It offers stunning white-sand beaches, amazing underwater world making Maldives an obvious choice for holiday of the lifetime.The atmosphere is also very friendly with availability of Indian food at almost every street and corner of the country.
Mauritius has adapted to the sophisticated demands of the tourists by diversifying its offering to many of them. The island has a variety of entertainment opportunities aside from the traditional beach tourism. One can visit all the beautiful locales here in Mauritius for refreshing themselves.
Sri Lanka is full of many romantic landscapes, high range mountains, lush green tea gardens with golden beaches.This island nation Sri Lanka provides wonderful tourist destinations to the customers. They have beautiful awe inspiring spots, natural, historic and cultural destinations to offer.
Bali Island is comprised of mountain, valley, lake, level ranges and wonderful white sandy shoreline with warm blue seawater.It has many beautiful spots for investment which are liked by the sightseers .This island is known as an island of the God.
Far East comprises of South east Asia, China and Japan. Visiting these places is a good value for money as these places are brimmed with spectacular landscapes, and has many heritage locations and food to die for.
The ideal months to visit Europe are May, June and September .During this period the weather is soothing and one can visit at affordable prices. There are widely popular spots like Paris, Germany and London, many historical sites from the countries like Colosseum at Rome, Church of St Frances in Croatia , Blue Mosque in Turkey, Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy amongst others.